Joinwit optoelectronic Tech, co., Ltd.

Joinwit provides broad range of high quality products, which including Coupler Workstations, Light Sources, Power Meter, Multi Meter, Visual Fault Locator, Cable Break Locator and full spectrum passive components such as Connectors, Adapters, Patchcords/Pigtails, Couplers/Splitters/WDMs, Attenuators and so on.


  • Joinwit JW3306: Optical Fiber Identifier
    THB 23,500.00
  • Joinwit JW3111: Optical Light Source
    THB 8,000.00
  • Joinwit JW3304N: Optical Fiber Ranger
    THB 21,000.00
  • Joinwit JW3208C: มิเตอร์วัดกำลังไฟเบอร์ออฟติกขนาดมือถือ
    THB 4,000.00