TMI110 Immersion Temperature Transmitter


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For high precision measurements in HVAC applications
The high-accuracy immersion temperature transmitter TMI110 is designed for measuring cooling/heating water temperatures in HVAC automation systems. This exact instrument has a very fast response time to enable precise and reliable controls in HVAC systems.


  • Accurate temperature measurement of liquids and air
  • Very fast response time of measurement
  • 1-point traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • Analog (4…20 mA) and Modbus RTU output options
  • Installed in a thermowell for measurement in liquids
  • Optimized for building automation and HVAC process control

High precision
Temperature is measured with a highly accurate Pt1000 sensor element. The high accuracy and quick response time of the measurement enable precise and reliable controls of HVAC systems.

Fast response time
Speed and reliability of measurement are a great advantage in processes of cooling and heating. The fast response time of the measurement allows for instant response in the control loop.

Traceable accuracy
The instruments are individually adjusted and delivered with a traceable (ISO 9001) calibration certificate. The transmitter is easy to calibrate also on site using a Vaisala handheld meter or Vaisala Insight PC software.