Silvertronic Avionic Multi Pin Connector Test Kit

Silvertronic Avionic Multi Pin Connector Test Kit
Part No.129439
For more information contact : Ratmanee Dungkumrat Tel.08-9810-3055

IEC 1010 Rating: 1000 Volts Cat II Double/Reinforced Insulation
Features: Safety is often compromised when engineers are not given the correct tools to do the job required.

For instance how do you check the small pins on some MIL-C connectors when the test lead tips are too big and bulky?

Usually the engineers improvise, they collect mating pins in little pots and use them to create an extended test point. It works but the practice is fraught with danger, uninsulated electrical contacts with the risk of electric shock, possibly in a very confined space, the risk that the pin or pins could be dropped which could cause foreign object damage if not found.

Well there is now no need to take risks with this type of application The new Aero-Pin kit allows tests to be done safely and quickly.

Each Kit comes complete with:-

  • 1 Red and 1 Black Double Insulated Silicone Test Lead. Each lead is terminated one end in a Right Angled 4mm Plug compatible with all standard 4mm instrument sockets, the other end is terminated in the unique 'screwin pin socket'
  • 2 sets of 4 screwin in pins each pin has both a male and female contact.
  • 1 Green double insulated earth lead with detachable large green crocodile clip.

The kit is packed in a re-usable plastic wallet which will indicate if any of the pins are missing.