Pendulum TimeView™ Modulation Domain Analyzer Software to 20 GHz

Pendulum TimeView™
Download TimeView™ 2 Datasheet (2.5 MB)
New TimeView™ 3 Datasheet (1 MB)

The TimeView™ modulation domain analysis software for Windows converts the CNT-90-family Timer/Counter/Analyzer to a high performance MDA (Modulation Domain Analyzer) with a frequency range up to 20 GHz. We offer high-resolution analysis at a fraction of the cost of other modulation domain analyzer solutions.

  • View dynamic frequency changes over time
  • View up to 50 MHz FM on up to 20 GHz carriers
  • Analyze VCO settling, PLL responses and more
  • Analyze frequency hopping, chirp radar, frequency droop up to 20 GHz
  • Zero dead-time measurements
  • Measure period back-to-back, detect phase jumps
  • View Allan Dev and Modified Allan Dev vs τ
  • Emulation of Agilent 53310A MDA (TimeView 3)
  • Special FM modulation calibration mode (TimeView 3)
  • MTIE, TDEV, MRTIE circulation (TimeView 3)