Pendulum CNT-91 Timer/Counter/Analyzer

Pendulum CNT-91
Download Technical Datasheet (730 KB)

The CNT-91 provides high 50 ps single shot time resolution or 12 digits/sec frequency resolution for capturing very small time and frequency changes. And, displays up to 14 digits on values obtained. The CNT-91 Timer/Counter/Analyzer also processes an exceptionally fast 250,000 measurements/sec to internal memory with a maximum of 3.5M measurements stored.

  • 250,000 meas/sec to internal 3.5M total result memory
  • Zero dead-time
  • Up to 15,000 meas/sec over GPIB and USB
  • 50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
  • 12 digits/sec frequency resolution
  • Continuous data streaming during, not after, measurements
  • Up to 20 GHz range, burst measurements down to 20 ns
  • Graphic display of jitter, histograms, trend and modulation
  • Modulation domain analysis to 20 GHz with TimeView SW