Pendulum 6688/6689 High Stability Frequency Standards

Pendulum 6688/6689
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The frequency standards from Pendulum suit the highest demands for stability. All frequency standards offer multiple buffered outputs (5x or 10x outputs of 10 MHz sine). Choose from the low-cost 6688 based on a very-high-stability oven-controlled SC-cut crystal oscillator or the 6689 with a built-in Rubidium atomic clock. These standards are suited for use in automatic test systems, for example in the production department of telecommunications

  • Rubidium or high stability oven frequency reference standard
  • Distribution amplifiers for 5x10 MHz and 1x5 MHz outputs as standard
  • Optional 10x10 MHz outputs
  • 0.001 ppm aging in 10 years (Rubidium)
  • Ideal for telecommunication test systems and calibration laboratories