Elgar SmartWave™ Series Stand-alone AC/DC Power Source

Elgar SW Series
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The SmartWave™ Series (SW) of AC power sources offers powerful waveform creation for ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing. Three separate arbitrary waveform generators enable the SmartWave™ to create independent, complex waveforms on all three phases simultaneously. The SmartWave™ is designed to meet waveform requirements including DC content (up to 312V), low distortion (THD 0.25% to 100 Hz), low noise and ripple, plus full compliance testing to EMC standards.

Key Features

  • Powerful Waveshape and Waveform Creation
  • Sequence Programming
  • AC and/or DC Output
  • Graphic LCD Display
  • Powerful DSP2 Waveform Programming
  • Flexibility in Power Ranges
  • Waveshape Library


The SmartWave is designed for testing today's complex electronics, including telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile, light weight power supplies. Other applications include:

  • Testing for real world power conditions using different waveforms on all 3 phases (including DC)
  • Load susceptibility testing with sequence or event programming and multiple voltage harmonics
  • Power line disturbance simulation testing
  • ABD100, MIL-STD-704 and DO-160 avionics testing
  • Power supply testing for AC-DC, DC-DC converters and UPS's
  • Fluorescent lighting characteristics testing (IES LM-41-1985) Transients on 12 & 24 VDC for automotive applications