Delta A Series Programmable AC Power Source


Download Technical Datasheet A9000 A6000 A3000 A1500

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  • Programmable control voltage and current limits
  • High-peak output current for accurate inrush current testing
  • Advanced DSP technology provides accurate electronic parameters
  • 30 sets of mainstream waveform synchronization built in for simulating various power grids
  • Comprehensive circuit and fan protection
  • Supports AC and DC outputs (AC 1.5KVA)
  • Supports waveform distortion simulation (3KVA, 6KVA)
  • Single-phase parallel or three-phase configurations for different environments (9KVA)

Description - Accurate, Fast Response and Easy to Measure
The A Series programmable AC power source is equipped with advanced DSP technology for accurate electronic parameters such as Vrms, Irms, active power, VA, PF, and more. It also has 30 sets of mainstream waveform synchronization built in. Maximum 9000VA, 6000VA, 3000VA, 1500VA output power and programmable 30–1KHz output frequency. Supports remote control via RS232 or GPIB communication. From design and quality testing to manufacturing testing, the A Series can fulfill your needs.

Complete Waveform Simulation
Delta A Series AC power supply has 30 sets of mainstream waveforms and two sets of customized waveforms to fulfill the needs of various applications such as specific on-board charging, communication equipment, switching power, and more. Supports programmable LIST, PULSE, and STEP via advanced DSP technology for easy simulation of power disturbance testing.