Sound and Vibration

Kanomax Model 4431 Sound Meter

Kanomax Model 4431 Sound Meter
World’s first 0-dB Function optional (Model 4431-1G ). Type 2 standards for ANSI S1.4 1983 and IEC 61672-1. The magnetic accelerometer attaches easily to machinery for increased accuracy and precise opetation.

Bruel&Kjaer Type 9712 PULSE Reflex Acoustic Camera

Bruel&Kjaer Type 9712 PULSE Reflex Acoustic Camera
Easy, real-time noise source location and mapping on stationary and moving objects, using a microphone array with an optional tablet computer for fast point-and-shoot recordings.

Bruel&Kjaer Type 2250 H 001 Vibration Analyzer

Bruel&Kjaer Type 2250 H 001
Hand-Held Vibration Analyzer
with FFT and Pass/Fail function

  • Single-channel FFT analysis of sound or vibration
  • Tone assessment in accordance with ISO 1996–2 (optional)
  • Machinery troubleshooting
  • Product development
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Automotive component analysis

Bruel&Kjaer Sonoscout - Ultra-portable, Multi-channel, Wireless NVH Recorder

Sonoscout NVH Recorder - Type  3663The Sonoscout app for iPad works in combination with a wireless LAN-XI data acquisition front-end. This can connect to measurement transducers, a binaural microphone headset and a vehicle CAN bus reader, and transmits the data to the iPad – or records directly onto an SD card.

PHOTON+ Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Photon+ Sound and Vibration Analyzer
USB 2.0 Powered Real-time Analyzer for Noise and Vibration Analysis. Ultra-portable, PHOTON+ comes with 2 to 4 inputs, an output, and a tachometer input. No separate power supply is required as PHOTON+ is powered via the host PC’s USB port.

Metrel MI 6201 Multinorm : All-In-One Indoor Environment Meter

Metrel MI 6201 Multinorm
Universal all-in-one instrument for measurement of air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, illluminance, luminance and the Class 1 (Pro Set) or Class 2 (Euro Set and Standard Set) sound analyses.

Metrel MI 6301 FonS : Sound Level Meter

Metrel MI 6301 FonS
Completely digitalised Class 1 (Pro Set) or Class 2 (Euro Set) sound level meter with two independent measuring channels compliant with IEC 61672 standard.

Type 2240 Sound Level Meter

Type 2240 Sound Level Meter
Type 2240 is a very simple to use sound level meter, which complies with all the latest sound level meter standards. As an integrating-averaging sound level meter, it measures the equivalent, or average, sound pressure level Leq.

LAN-XI Notar™ Stand Alone Recorder

LAN-XI Notar™ Stand Alone Recorder
Data recording without ranges or limits

  • No need to range inputs – simplifies setup and avoids overload and underranges
  • Rugged solid state recorder – applications where no PC could survive
  • Hours of battery and measurement time – the recorder is always ready when you are
  • Works with any existing LAN-XI module – add stand-alone recording capabilities to your existing LAN-XI PULSETM system

Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270

Bruel&Kjaer 2270
Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270 is designed as an advanced solution for sound and vibration measurement, analysis and recording. Built on the award winning Type 2250 design, Type 2270 continues to blend the best of today’s hand-held technologies with over 60 years of experience in sound and vibration measurement solutions.