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Intrinsic safety คืออะไร

Intrinsically Safe
Intrinsic safety (IS) คือ หลักการที่ใช้ป้องกันอุปกรณ์ไฟฟ้าจากการเป็นต้นเหตุของการระเบิดในสภาพแวดล้อมที่อันตราย ซึ่งสภาพแวดล้อมที่อันตรายนี้ หมายถึงพื้นที่ที่มีการปะปนของอยู่ของก๊าซหรือฝุ่นผงที่ใวไฟและมีโอกาสระเบิดได้โดยง่าย

Anderon Meter Bearing Testers by MEA Testing

Anderon_Meter.jpg New The Anderon meter measures the vibration of a rotating bearing in units called Anderons. This instrument lets you evaluate general bearing quality.

SEFRAM DAS60 6 channels handheld paperless recorder, touch screen

New DAS60 is part of the family of standalone, portable, battery operated instruments dedicated to high-speed recording.
◌ 6 analogue isolated channels
◌ Temperature: thermocouple, Pt100/Pt1000 (2 separate channels)
◌ Network and power analysis function (up to 400Hz) with trigger on parameters
◌ IEC 1010 CAT III 600V

SEFRAM DAS240 Multi-channel Handheld recorder

DAS240_front_lrg.jpg New The Data Acquisition Solution DAS240 is the right answer for your recording needs. With its adjustable channel configuration up to 200 channels and 12 logical inputs
◌ Lithium-ion battery (factory option) : 15h autonomy
◌ Internal hard drive : 32 GB
◌ DasLab software (licence free)

MI 3155 EurotestXD Multifunctional electrical installation tester

3155_1.jpg New is the newest flagship of Metrel’s most advanced line of multi-functional measuring instruments and is designed specifically for testing in industry. What differentiates this instrument from the rest is its ergonomic design and an intuitive user interface, encompassing a memory organizer and fully programmable AUTO SEQUENCEs, managed through a large colour touch screen display. It is fully compliant with functionality standards (e.g. IEC/EN 61557) and other reference standards for testing (e.g. IEC/EN/ HD 60364-4-41,...)

BK Precision 9115-AT Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

The 9115-AT provides automotive power test waveforms compliant to DIN 40839 and ISO 16750-2 standards that can simulate common test conditions for electrical and electronic devices installed in automobiles.

SEAWARD Solar Utility Pro solar PV string checker


  • Test multiple strings in parallel up to 1500V 40A
  • Test at a string level or in the combiner box
  • Record up to 999 full sets of string data
  • Test open circuit voltage (Voc), short circuit current (Isc), irradiance (W/m2), ambient temperature & more

Fluke Ti450 PRO and Ti480 PRO Infrared Camera

The Fluke Ti450 and Ti480 PRO introduces a leading-edge visual infrared experience in a professional thermal imager.

Kanomax 4200 Vibration Meter‎

Kanomax vibration meter is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. Diagnose vibrations with your industrial machinery before they become a problem

Fluke 1742, 1746 and 1748 Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers

F1748.jpg The Fluke 1742, 1746 and 1748 Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers give you fast, easy access to the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time.