Vaisala DL2000 Temperature and Humidity Loggers

Vaisala DL2000 Temperature and Humidity Loggers Vaisala DL2000 Temperature and Humidity Loggers
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The Vaisala DL2000 series data loggers are fully validatable and designed for regulated industries/pharmaceutical applications — with NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 calibration, cGMP-compliant measurement and redundant recording of temperature and humidity. Tamper-proof, with encrypted password-protected records.

  • ​Portable self-contained RH & temperature data logger for critical environments
  • Equipped with internal sensors, memory and ten-year battery
  • Optional external channel for voltage or current inputs allow recording of differential pressure, level, particles, conductivity or C02
  • Optional Boolean channels for door switches or alarm contacts
  • Tamper-proof operation produces secure documentation for validation records
  • Password-protected setup, download and calibration data in each device ensures the integrity of data
  • Records without wires, power cords or connections
  • Traceable instrument-grade RH and temperature measurement accuracy
  • Adjustable logging intervals with multi-year data recording capacity
  • Premium quality precision sensors offer exceptional in-calibration data logger performance

Monitoring System Common Confi gurations

Industrial265 Vaisala Temp-RH
Industrial Technology Magazine Vol 265 December 2557
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