ULTRA-TRAC® Acoustic Pipe Locator

ULTRA-TRAC® Acoustic Pipe Locator ULTRA-TRAC® Display
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ULTRA-TRAC® APL is the perfect choice when it is necessary to accurately locate unmarked, underground piping systems.

Acoustic Pipe Locator is ideal for finding plastic pipe and systems with missing or broken tracer wire. Natural gas pipelines, water and sewer laterals are easily traced using state-of-the-art acoustic technology.

APL will significantly reduce the number of unlocatable pipes and identify potential cross bore risk locations when using HDD technologies.

APL Benefits:

  • Senses through most surfaces
  • Easy to use and interpret
  • Locates systems in minutes
  • No system access required

Materials Sensed:
Plastic Pipe, PVC, Metallic Pipe, Concrete Pipe, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Clay Tile

Principle of Operation Mapping Scan

Principle of
The instrument sends a series of “pings” and then monitors the acoustic wave pattern, timing and frequency of the
return signature. This process is referred to as a “Slice”.

The operator will repeat the ‘slice’ recording process a minimum of three times, across a preset distance. This is a “Scan”. The APL will determine if a void is present. A locate comprises of several scans.