Radian RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard

In-Service Meter Testing Radian RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard
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The Radian RD-33 Three-phase Electricity Reference Standard achieves a level of accuracy and performance never before available in a portable standard. The RD-33 has a guaranteed accuracy of 0.01% for all measurement functions across its entire operating range, with a typical accuracy that is within traceability uncertainties. This guaranteed accuracy specification includes the variables of stability, power factor, and traceability uncertainty.

The RD-33 is a four quadrant three-phase measuring instrument that registers both forward and reverse energy flow and provides per phase voltage, current, power and energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent) information.

Analog Sense
The optional analog sense feature enables testing of transducers and electronic energy meters that provide an analog current output between +/- 20 mA.

Meter and Standard Testing
The RD-33 can be used with a controlled current source to test revenue meters and reference standards. In field applications the RD-33 can perform a true three phase meter accuracy test using existing service load.

Radian RD-30/31/33 Three-Phase Analyzing Standards

Three Instruments in One

  • True Power & Energy Reference Standard for In-Service Meter Testing
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Site Analyzer

The Radian Research Three-Phase Analyzing Standards, consisting of the RD-30/31/33, are the ultimate instruments for on-site accuracy testing of electricity meters, performing power quality analysis, testing CTs, and site wiring confi rmation. Built upon the robust and world renowned performance of the Radian Research RD-3X family of reference standards, these Analyzing Standards provide for unsurpassed accuracy, functionality, and ease of operation. Radian Research Analyzing Standards are designed to work with customer load or with a stand-alone current source.


  • Extremely accurate and trusted Radian Research Reference Standard
  • Selectable accuracy classes
  • Four quadrant measuring instrument for Active, Reactive, and Apparent power measurements
  • Built-in computer with touch screen and anti-glare color display
  • Integrated MobileSuite analysis software
  • Wide measuring range with autoranging potential and current inputs
  • Analysis up to the 200th Harmonic with Intra-harmonics
  • Standard RS-232 Serial communication link with Bluetooth option
  • Data Storage and Transfer
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Easily tested & certified