PTF 3203A, 3204A Global Tyme Multi Function GPS Receivers

PTF 3203A
PTF 3204A
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The ptf GlobalTymeTM Multi Function GPS Receiver provides extraordinary stability in a highly flexible approach to utilizing the caesium stability of the GPS satellite system. Available in both 1U (3203A) and 2U (3204A) versions, the GlobalTymeTM can be configured as a high performance frequency standard, a comprehensive time standard or both.

  • GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channels
  • Acquisition Time: <1.5 minutes (warm start)
  • Accuracy (1PPS): <20ns
  • Holdover: <0.2 micro seconds/day (Rb opt)
  • 100/10 Base T ethernet
  • NTP (optional), Telnet, TCP/IP, FTP
  • Monitor/Control i/f
  • Alarm indicator and output
  • 1MHz, 5MHz o/p options
  • GPS Antenna and Cable Included
  • Available in 1U (3203A) & 2U (3204A)