PROMAX PROLITE-65/105 Instrumentation to install FTTH


Instrumentation to install Fiber To The Home (FTTH)
Nowadays, the optical fibre is the only medium able to support high-speed transmissions, which are necessary for new generation services like High Definition. For this reason, new standards recommend that optical fibre arrive straight to the client’s home (FTTH).

This subscriber’s loop, which is all optical from central to home, is based on a passive optical network, capable of supporting speeds over 1 Gigabit, called GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network).

Solutions for FTTH test:

PROMAX PROLITE-65: Optical Power Meter FTTX-xPON
Multiple instruments on a single equipment:

  • Optical Power and Losses Meter on 3 wavelengths (OLTS)
  • Conventional Optical Meter (OPM)
  • Optical Return Loss (ORL)
  • FTTH-GPON Power Meter (xPON Meter)
  • Visual Fault Locator Device (VFL)

PROMAX PROLITE-105: FTTH Triple Laser Source
Features three independent laser lights that emit at wavelengths 1.310, 1.490 and 1.550 nm. In combination with the FTTX-xPON Optical Power Meter (PROLITE-65) allows certificating FTTH optical networks.


  • Small, compact, lightweight and very robust.
  • Designed to operate on site; resistant to adverse conditions, dust, humidity, lack of space, poor lighting...
  • Easy to use, any person, even with basic skills, can perform the same operations as an expert.
  • Intuitive interface, only 5 / 6 buttons for quick and efficient checking on the network.
  • Results clearly displayed on the Optical Power Meter, and easy to understand: Pass or Fail.