Pendulum GSG-5/6 Advanced GNSS Simulators

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Pendulum GSG-5/6 simulators can generate any combination of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, SBAS satellite signals under any condition simultaneously through a single RF output (type N connector). Configurations with higher channel counts generate new, modernized, signals on any of the navigation frequencies, including IRNSS, even those currently under development. Based on a test scenario that includes date, time and power levels, the generated signals correspond to any position on, or above, the earth (below the satellite orbits at approximately 20,000 km). It is easy to test dynamic conditions by defining a trajectory of the receiver under test. The simulator manages all the dynamics including relativistic effects.

  • Pre-defined or user-defined test scenarios
  • Full control over all test parameters
  • Front panel interface/standalone operation
  • Windows-based scenario builder software including Google Maps
  • Remote operation by Ethernet, GPIB, USB
  • Built-in or downloadable navigation files
  • Full control over trajectories and other dynamics
  • Up to 64 simultaneous signals
  • All GNSS constellations and frequencies
  • Accurate, adjustable power levels
  • Synchronization features to external devices or other simulators
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      Test Solutions

      • Position/navigation accuracy
      • Dynamic range/sensitivity
      • Simulate movements/trajectories anyway on or above earth
      • Susceptibility to noise
      • Sensitivity to GPS impairments: loss of satellites, multi-path, atmospheric conditions, interference, jamming and spoofing
      • Conducted or over-the-air RF
      • GPS time transfer accuracy
      • Effect of leap second transition
      • Multiple constellation testing
      • Modernization signals/ frequencies
      • Hardware in the loop integration