Pendulum CNT85/85R Frequency Counter/Calibrator

Pendulum CNT85/85R
Download Technical Datasheet (490 KB)

The CNT85/85R is two high-performance frequency counter models for every need and budget. Choose from the basic 300 MHz frequency counter CNT-85 or the ultimate portable frequency calibrator CNT-85R with built-in Rubidium time base.

Both counters can be equipped with optional HF-inputs to 2.7 GHz and a GPIB-interface, for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters on the lab bench or workshop bench. A new option - the 8 GHz Prescaler input - extends the frequency measuring range.

  • Resolution: 10 digits in 1s
  • Low uncertainty: 0.0001 ppm (Rb)
  • Short warm-up time: 10 min. to 4x10-10
  • Smart input trigger system
  • Measures any type of input signal, incl. bursts, AM, FM and noisy signals
  • Displays also input signal strength
  • Excellent EMC-immunity
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for on-site frequency calibration of the master clock in GSM base stations