TEXIO (GW Instek)

Texio, PSF-L Series Flexible Range Regulated DC Power Supply

PSF-L_f_en_03.jpg Flexible output range Possible to output voltage and current flexibly within the rating power. In case of PSF-800L, 10V/80A to 80V/10A, 20V/40A to 40V/20A, etc. are available corresponding to plural number of conventional regulated DC power supplies.

Texio, PW-A Series DC Power Supply Multi-Output

PW18-1_8AQ_front.jpg DC Power Supply Output 1 to 4 Channels Low noise, high resolution multiple output power supply. PC can be controlled by GP-IB/USB/RS-232C via interface option.
◌ GP-IB (Option)
◌ RS-232C (Option)
◌ USB (Option)

TEXIO PAR-A Series Regulated DC Power Supplies

PW-A_S.jpg This instrument is a single-output, direct-current stabilized power supply of the dropper type. It is capable of high stability and high precision output with low noise. Multiple interfaces can be added selection.