Ruska 2482 Differential Piston Gauge

Ruska 2482

  • Differential Pressure Standard
  • Accuracy 40 ppm of reading +0.0013 psi
  • Static pressure range to 2900 psi (200 bar)
  • Differential pressures to 850 inH2O (2100 mbar)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic operation
  • Software provided for operation and data management
  • Extremely fast and easy to operate

Ruska 7750i Air Data Test Set AeroCal

Ruska 7750i
The Model 7750i AeroCal Air Data Test Set provides automated control of pressures to test and calibrate a wide variety of pitot static avionics components including air data computers, altimeters, airspeed, rate of climb, cabin pressure, and others test sets.

Ruska 7250 Digital Pressure Controller/Calibrator

Ruska 7250
The Model 7250 Digital Pressure calibrator is available in a variety of pressure ranges from 0-5 psi to 0-3000 psi, provides 0.003% of full scale precision and also features a new active matrix color screen, enhanced navigation menus and improved control stability of 10 ppm.

Ruska 2485 Hydraulic Piston Gauge

Ruska 2485
The model 2485 Hydraulic Piston Gauge is a high precision standard that provides unsurpassed performance in the field of hydraulic piston pressure gauge metrology.

Ruska 2456 Piston Gauge Monitor

Ruska 2456
The Model 2456 enhances measurement precision and consistency of critical piston gauge parameters including piston temperature, float position, sink rate, air density, vacuum and other variables.

Ruska 7250i Digital Pressure Controller/Calibrator

Ruska 7250i
The Model 7250i, like the 7250xi, also provides percent of reading performance. It is an economical alternative to the 7250xi, as it provides 0.005% of reading from 25% to 100% of the full scale pressure range.

Ruska 2465A Gas Piston Gauge

Ruska 2465
The Model 2465 Gas Piston Gauge has a long history of serving national standard laboratories, commercial industry and government organizations as a gas piston gauge standard for over 40 years.