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Radiodetection's cable test products quickly locate problems such as breaks or deteriorating insulation. Down-hole inspection products from Radiodetection use the latest digital CCTV in difficult environments to enable water companies to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes.

RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

RD1500 Ground Penetrating RadarThe Radiodetection RD1500 offers the latest in ground penetrating radar technology with advanced features such as Depth Slices and Line Views, allowing the user to review slices of the subsurface at different depths for locating utilities with a clarity never seen before.

RD8100 Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator

RD8100 Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator
The multifunctional RD8100 range represents Radiodetection’s most advanced pipe, cable and RF marker locators, offering a wide choice of locate functions and advanced connectivity options. The RD8100 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution delivering unique user features.