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Major Products:
Industrial Test and Measurement: DC Electronic Load, AC Electronic Load. Power Supply Automatic Test System. Power Meter. Current Shunt.

Delta E Series Energy Recycling System

Energy_Recycling_System_0.jpg Delta's energy recycling system can recycle up to 93% of power consumption during the burn-in testing to minimize a factory's electricity consumption in order to achieve energy optimization.

Delta D Series Programmable DC Power Supply

The Series programmable DC power supply is equipped with active power factor correction to improve circuit efficiency. The full range input voltage makes it suitable for most industries and countries without requiring a voltage conversion switch.

Delta A Series Programmable AC Power Source

A9000.jpgA6000.jpgA3000.jpgA1500.jpg The A Series programmable AC power source is equipped with advanced DSP technology for accurate electronic parameters such as Vrms, Irms, active power, VA, PF, and more. It also has 30 sets of mainstream waveform synchronization built in. Maximum 9000VA output power and programmable 30–1KHz output frequency. Supports remote control via RS232 or GPIB communication.

Prodigit 4016 AC/DC Digital Power Analyzer

4016_AC_DC_Digital_Power_Analyzer.jpg The 4016 is a new generation digital power analyzer designed specifically for single channel AC/DC power measurement. Oscilloscope function of 4016 digital power analyzer for using many kinds of measurements such as harmonic distortion, It can directly capture the waveforms, values and can provide the harmonic values, the graphics amplitude of each harmonic, providing highly accurate and convenient power measurement.

Prodigit 5310 AC Power Supply

5310.jpg ◌ Voltage output has totally six ranges,maximum up to 500V,convenient for 300V above the voltage regulation test.
◌ Built-in IEC61000-4-11 specification, can simulate the surge, trap, instantaneous off; just set the output voltage and frequency to complete the IEC 61000-4-11 test.

Prodigit 3310G Series DC Electronic Load

<3310G.jpg ◌ The new Turbo mode is designed for overload or protection testing, which includes OCP, OPP, Short for AC/DC or DC / DC power source ; Over Charge / Discharge and Short for Battery BMS protection; and Blow / Not Blow testing for Fuse, Breaker or PTC Current Protection Components.
◌ Support Short, OCCP and OCDP protection tests for battery BMS protection testing, the peak current before protection and protection response time are measured.

Prodigit 5302A AC Power Source with Power/Energy Analyzer

Prodigit 5302A AC Power Source with Power/Energy Analyzer
Prodigit Electronics has launched the 5302A AC Power Source with Power/Energy Analyzer. The device is suitable for power quality testing of any product.

Prodigit 6010 Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System

Prodigit 6010 Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System
Prodigit 6010 Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Automatic Test System is able to meet multi-types power products test requirements,and its multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability can significantly enhance the production line throughput.

Prodigit 34000A Series Compact High Power DC Electronic Load

Prodigit 34000 Series Compact High Power DC Electronic Load

  • Voltage / Current source
  • SMPS transient response
  • CV/Current limit testing and battery emulation
  • Battery charger
  • Battery discharge
  • R&D Quality Control
  • ATE system
  • Production testing