Micronix MAP202 Power amplifier

Micronix MAP202
The MAP202 is a 20 watts power amplifier.
- Frequency range  30 to 1000MHz
- Gain  46dB typ @ 30 to 600MHz, 44.5dB typ @ 600 to 1000MHz

Micronix MR2350 Precompliance EMS Test System

Micronix MR2350
It is evaluated in the EMS test whether the EUT causes the malfunction by a peripheral electromagnetic wave. The malfunction of the EUT can be observed on the PC screen through the EUT camera monitor put in the anechoic box.

Micronix MSA438TG 3.3GHz Color Spectrum Analyzer with 5MHz to 3.3GHz TG

Micronix MSA438TG
MSA438TG enables the measurement and evaluation of the amplitude frequency characteristics such as filter, amplifier, other electric components and circuits.

Micronix MFG206 Arbitrary Function Synthesizer

Micronix MFG206
1mHz to 20MHz / 30Vp-p (at open load)
Highly accurate and stable frequency due to synthesized method
Formation of arbitrary waveform with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Micronix MR2300 Precompliance EMI Test System

Micronix MR2300
As a complete and total test system including not only antenna, spectrum analyzer for EMI, LISN and PC software for EMI but also anechoic box. Any other additional equipment is not needed at all.

Micronix MPW201 Line Impedance Stabilization Network

Micronix MPW201
To measure the disturbance noise with reproducibility, the LISN, which makes constant the impedance of the power source observed from EUT, is inserted in the power supply line.

Micronix MSA438E 3.3GHz Color Spectrum Analyzer for EMI

Micronix MSA438E
MSA438E is a core instrument of “Precompliance EMI test system/MR2300”. This spectrum analyzer is developed for EMI test and is equipped with the Quasi-peak and Average detections, and 9kHz/120kHz(6dB) resolution bandwidth.

Micronix MA430 Distance To Fault (DTMF) Measurement

Micronix MA430
The MSA438TG in which DTF firmware (DTF/FW) is installed enables to measure the distance to discontinuity point and the length of the cable. The measured data can be browsed by the dedicated PC software.

Micronix MSA 400 Series : Hand Held Spectrum Analyzer

Micronix MSA 400 Series

  • MSA 438 - 50 KHz - 3.3 GHz
  • MSA 438TG - 50 KHz - 3.3 GHz with Tracking Gen
  • MSA 458 - 50 KHz - 8.5 GHz