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GW Instek PSW-Series Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply

image.jpg The PSW-Series is a single-output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply covering a power range up to 1080W. This series of products include fifteen models with the combination of 30V, 80V, 160V, 250V, and 800V rated voltages and 360W, 720W and 1080W maximum output powers. The multi-range feature allows the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range.

GW Instek LinK View ระบบซอฟท์แวร์ สำหรับทดสอบ Charge และ Discharge สำหรับอุปกรณ์ แบตเตอรี่ ( Energy Storage Device)

Charging_and_discharging_connection.png ออกแบบมาเพื่อรองรับ และจัดการทำงานร่วมกับ Programmable DC Power Supply และ DC Electronic Load โดยการสร้าง Profile การทดสอบวิจัยอุปกรณ์ Battery และ Super Capacitor

GW Instek GSP-818 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-818_icon_19123117128.jpg GSP-818 has a built-in 20dB amplifier and provides an adjustable range of resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10Hz to 3MHz. In addition, it has the AM/FM signal demodulation function and the ACPR/OCBW/CHPW test functions to meet the requirements of general RF signal measurement.

GW Instek, GPT-15000 Series Safety Electrical Tester, 500VA Output (Hipot Tester)

GPT-15000.jpg GW Instek introduces the flagship model (500VA output capacity) safety analyzer-the GPT-15000 series, which is the first safety analyzer in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034 (Safety requirement for electrical requirement for measurement, control and laboratory use.

ความรู้ทางเทคนิค เกี่ยวกับ LCR meter

โดย คุณวิชิต ชำนาญการค้า

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64-09-10_S_PAT.jpg หัวข้อสัมมนา
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GW Instek C-1200 One Box Tester that incorporates LoRa Tx and Rx tests.

20190220_news_C-1200.jpg It provides spectrum analysis, time domain, FEI (Frequency Error Indicator), and TOA (Time On Air) for transmitter tests, and sensitivity, BER (Bit Error Rate), and PER (Packet Error Rate) for receiver tests.

GW Instek, PPX Series – DC Power Supply designed for IoT applications.

ppx-10h01_f_e_1.jpg In response to this challenge, GW Instek has adopted a new design with four levels of current measurement resolutions (0.1μA, 1μA, 10μA, 0.1mA) and two levels of best voltage measurement resolutions (0.1mV, 1mV). Furthermore, the series is the world's first DC power supply equipped with the temperature measurement function to provide a simpler solution for reliable measurements.

GW Instek, GPT-9500 Series, Safety Electrical Tester (Multi-Channel 150VA)

GPT-9500_en.jpg GW Instek introduces a new multi-channel withstanding voltage tester-the GPT-9500 series. This series has 2 models and each model has a built-in 8-channel scanner. The series meets safety regulations: IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations. The series aims at the needs of the main test items of general electronic components or winding components during routine tests.