Gossen Metrawatt

Gossen Metrawatt
Gossen Metrawatt
The GMC Instruments group and its brand names including GOSSEN METRAWATT, CAMILLE BAUER, DRANETZ, PROSyS, GOSSEN, SEAWARD and RIGEL stand for innovation and quality in the capital goods market in the field of electronics.

GOSSEN METRAclip 41, 410 AC-DC Current Clamp to 40A, 400 A

metraclip41_410.jpg The METRACLIP current clamp is used for precise contactless measurement of alternating and direct current, as well as complex current waveforms.

GOSSEN METRAclip 85, 86 Clamp Multimeter for Current, Voltage, Frequency and Power, Harmonics 600 V CAT IV

d7vyww.png METRAclip 85
◌ Temperature measurement, type K thermocouple
◌ Connection of sensors and measuring transducers with voltage output

METRAclip 86
◌ Power measurement (W, VA, var and PF)
◌ THD measurement
◌ Phase sequence display

GOSSEN SECULIFE DF PRO Multimode Defibrillator Analyzer

m695r-seculifedfpro_persp1_14167.jpg The SECULIFE DF PRO is an intelligent instrument for testing the latest generation of defibrillators.

GOSSEN LINAX PQ3000, PQ5000 Transparent monitoring of power quality and energy consumption

0--linax-pq3000_sample_values_d_persp2_17083.png 0--linax-pq5000_sample_values_d_persp1_17132.png The LINAX PQ combines the characteristics of a power quality measurement device with functions for comprehensive energy consumption and condition monitoring. It stands out by the display quality and intuitive operation.

GOSSEN METRAclip 63, 64 Milliampere Current Clamp for Measuring Fault and Process Signal Current

metraclip63_64.jpg The milliampere clamp is very well suited for the measurement of small direct and alternating currents as of a value of 1 mA.

Clip opening
◌ METRAclip 63 5 mm Ø,
◌ METRAclip 64 30 mm Ø

GOSSEN METRAHIT ASi 3.0 – diagnostics and addressing tool, AS-i version 3.0

enhty6.jpg The handy, rugged addressing and diagnostics tool for initial start-up, maintenance and service of AS-i systems offers the following functions

GOSSEN SECULIFE UP Ultrasound wattmeter for power measurement at ultrasound systems

m695y-seculifeup_front_17015.jpg The SECULIFE UP ultrasound power meter was designed for testing diagnostic and therapeutic transducers.