DH Instruments

DH Instruments
DH Instruments
DH Instruments pressure and flow calibration is part of Fluke Calibration to provide superior calibration solutions through innovative technology, first rate service, and uncompromisingly metrological integrity.

E-DWT-H Electronic Deadweight Tester

E-DWT-H™ Electronic Deadweight Tester
E-DWT-H™ is a modern alternative to the conventional deadweight tester, equipped with an electronic reference pressure monitor which eliminates:

  • The cumbersome task of loading mass, possible errors, and costly shipment of mass sets
  • Subjective interpolation of gauge readings due to limited mass loading resolution
  • The need for measuring ambient conditions and local gravity and doing unit conversions.

PPCH hydraulic pressure controller/calibrator

PPCH PPCH™, is a pressure generator/controller/calibrator for liquid pressure operation from 1 to 200 MPa (150 to 30 000 psi). A unique pressure generation and control system provides unlimited, on-demand pressure, very high control resolution and 10:1 pressure control turndown. Four different control modes are included for maximum versatility.

RPM-4 reference pressure monitor

RPM-4 RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor is different from traditional pressure monitors. State-of-the-art performance from very low pressure to 280 MPa (40,000 psi)

PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator

PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator
DHI's fifth generation pressure controller/calibrator, continues to break new ground with an unprecedented combination of high end performance, operational versatility and long term reliability.

Molstic-L Mounting Systems

molstic-1 molstic molbloc mounting systems are available to assist you in realizing the full performance benefits of your molbloc/molbox™ system.

DHI PG9607 Piston Gauge with AMH System

DHI PG9607
The DH Instruments PG9607 is the next generation of absolute pressure piston gauge from Fluke Calibration. It supports the use of a 100 kg mass set to define gauge and absolute pressures from 11 to 500 kPa with a single piston-cylinder.

PPCH-G™ gas pressure controller/calibrator

PPCH-G PPCH-G™, is a pressure controller/calibrator for gas pressure operation from 1 to 100 MPa (150 to 15 000 psi). A unique pressure control system and gas booster accessory provide unlimited, on-demand pressure, very high control resolution and 10:1 pressure control turndown.

PGC-10000-AF Pneumatic Gauge Calibrator

PGC-10000-AF is a special configuration of GPC1 and RPM4. PGC-10000-AF was designed to optimize the testing and calibration of analog and digital pressure gauges and indicators in ranges from less than 500 psi (3.5 MPa) to 10 000 psi (70 MPa).

Molstic-S Mounting Systems

molstic-S-1 A key benefit of its modular design is that molstic-S can be used for testing devices in either the upstream or downstream position. The optional, adjustable DUT stand (P/N 401934) accommodates large DUTs that do not fit on the molstic-S.

MFC Switchbox For molbox™ MFC Control

MFC Switchbox supplies power and switches between up to five MFC or MFMs on one molbox1+ or MFC-CB channel.