MagScan 50 Magnetic Scanning System

MagScan 50 Magnetic Scanning System

The MagScan 50 is a sophisticated addition to the MagScan family, aimed at the permanent magnet and small magnetic assembly industry. By offering an enhanced scanning resolution and field sensitivity, the MagScan 50 is capable of mapping the magnetic field around a component with great accuracy.

The system incorporates Redcliffe’s powerful user friendly diagnostic software, with F.W. Bell magnetic measurement capabilities, and is an ideal tool for any quality or R&D environment.

Scan-1 Scan-6


  • Computer controlled X-Y scanning platform.
  • Maximum scan area 50x50mm.
  • Minimum scan area 0.4x0.4mm.
  • High resolution scanning interval from 0.01mm to 1 mm. One or three axis measurements.
  • Usable ranges: +/- 300mT/3kG. Zero facility.
  • Accuracy & Probe Type: Dependent on customer requirement.
  • Integrated with Redcliffe’s powerful MagScan data acquisition and analysis software.