LCR Elite1 Accurate Tweezers LCR Meter for SMD

LCR Elite1 : Accurate Tweezers LCR Meter for SMD service and repair
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An Efficient, Convenient & Accurate LCR Meter

LCR Elite1 is a portable LCR meter with unique mechanical and electronic design. It integrates a pair of tweezers like probes and a digital multimeter into one compact, lightweight, battery powered device.

  • Precise gold-plated tips for L, C, R measurement
  • One hand operation to pick up SMD components easily
  • Automatic or manual component identification
  • Automatic or manual testing frequency selection
  • Automatic or manual parallel or series circuit
  • Portable design with bright OLED display
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Standard USB charging via computer or USB power adapter

Design for SMD Component Measurement
Sophisticated Design for SMD Component Measurement

LCR Elite1 is a digital multimeter designed to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance with high accuracy. It provides a simple and efficient solution for measuring and identifying SMD components as well as troubleshooting electronic circuits.

The gold-plated precise tips are designed to contact the SMD components easily and reliably with the size down to 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm).

The 4-wire shielded probe makes parasitic parameters small and very predictable. It improves measurement accuracy and significantly reduces the probability of measurement errors related to setup.

Automated Component Identification
Automated Component Identification

LCR Elite1 simplifies measurements by using the automatic component identification function. It automatically identifies L, C, or R and selects proper testing frequency and circuit mode (parallel or series). Alternatively, user can use manual mode to set the desired parametres for measurement.

Detailed component analysis is provided on the OLED display. The primary display shows component type and value. The secondary display shows Rs (series equivalent resistance) or Rp (parallel equivalent resistance). Testing parameters and battery indicator are also displayed.

Easy Operation
Easy Operation

LCR Elite1 provides shortcut to go to the default mode quickly. As long as the navigation button is pressed down for approximately 2 seconds, the device goes to the default mode no matter which mode it is currently in.

The device can turn off automatically if neither a measurement is performed nor the navigation button is clicked for approximately 60 seconds. It can also be turned off manually as long as the navigation button is pressed down longer than 5 seconds.

The compact design allows user one hand operation and makes a convenient way to take measurements and read results.

Easy Operation
Long Battery Life

LCR Elite1 is powered by an internal, lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. It can be charged by a computer or a USB power adapter.

The power consumption is optimized to make the battery last a day for typical measurement. The standby time can be longer than a whole year. It makes the device an ideal choice for broad range of applications and missions, including R&D labs, production lines, service and repair, etc.