Kanomax Model 6332D Airflow Transducer

Kanomax Model 6332D Airflow Transducer Kanomax Model 6332D Airflow Transduce
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The airflow transducer model 6332D is designed for fixed installation. The units can be wired with local electric for power and can be connected to any device that can accept analog output. The 6332D is a good choice if you need to simultaneously measure airflow at multiple fixed points that may not be in proximity to other points.

The relatively low cost of this solution makes it a good choice for facility management and integration into other equipment such as data loggers, alarms or controllers.

Features & Benefits
10 interchangeable probe options
Probes quickly and easily attach/detach
Digital Display Option
Selectable Output (Output can be set to either voltage (0 to 5V) or current (4 to 20mA))

Product Line Quality Control
PCB Temperature Monitoring
Air Velocity Monitor for Local Exhaust Ventilation and FFU (Fan Filter Unit)
Residential Air Ventilation Monitoring