RF & Telecommunication

RigExpert AA-Series Presentation

RigExpert AA Series
ไฟล์นำเสนอ (Presentation) เครื่องตรวจวัดสายอากาศ RigExpert AA Series

RigExpert AA-1400, AA-1000 and AA-600

rigexpert_AA-1400_AA-100_AA-600.jpg RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 are powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

Pendulum GSG-5/6 Advanced GNSS Simulators

GSG_5_1.png Simulation is simply the best way to test and verify proper operation of devices, systems and software reliant on global navigation satellite signals. Pendulum GSG-5/6 series simulators are easy-to-use, feature-rich and affordable to offer the best value compared to alternative testing tools or the limitations of testing from “live sky” signals.

BIRD SignalHawk™ SH-42S-TC Hand-held Spectrum Analyzer

SignalHawk_SH-42S-TC.png The SignalHawk™ SH-42S-TC is a new generation of Spectrum Analyzer that offers superb functionality in a small, very affordable package. This highly portable unit fits easily in one hand and offers the user an amazing intuitive user interface. Built upon an Android platform

PROLITE-17 Pocket optical meter

PROLITE-17 Pocket optical meter
The PROLITE-17 pocket-sized optical power meter has compact structure and stable performance. It ensures high measuring precision of 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm wavelengths. PROLITE-17 is ideal to be carried out at any time.

Joinwit JW3208C Handheld Optical Power Meter

Joinwit JW3208
JW3208C handheld optical power meter is a compact and an easy-to-use testing instrument for optical fiber networks, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers.



  • H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 part 10), High profile, Level 4.0, 4:2:0 Chrominance sampling
  • TS to TS Transcoding MPEG-2 HD to H.264 HD/SD, or MPEG-2 SD to H.264 SD
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer1 & Layer2 encoding

BK Precision 4040A เครื่องกำเนิดความถี่แบบสวีพ นับความถี่ได้

BK Precision 4040A
กำเนิดความถี่จาก 0.2 Hz ถึง 20 MHz มอดูเลตแบบ BURST ได้
วัดความถี่จากภายนอกได้สูงถึง 30 MHz
ให้เอาต์พุตแบบสวีพได้ ทั้งแบบลิเนียร์หรือล็อกก็ได้

PROMAX PROLITE-65/105 Instrumentation to install FTTH

Instrumentation to install Fiber To The Home (FTTH)
Support high-speed transmissions, which are necessary for new generation services like High Definition. Based on a passive optical network, capable of supporting speeds over 1 Gigabit, called GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network).

Promax Ranger Neo Lite Multi-Function TV/Satellite Signal Analyzer

Promax Ranger Neo Lite Multi-Function TV/Satellite Signal AnalyzerThe Promax Ranger Neo Lite is a new breed of multifunction TV, Satellite and WIFI analyser, intended to help installers not only to make their classic installation work easier but also to deal with the many challenges brought about by the wireless world and the new video delivery platforms.