Calibration and Precision Equipments

Cropico Products Catalog

Cropico Products Catalog 2013
We produce a wide range of high quality measuring instruments and standards and have done for over 50 years.

Fluke 7526A Precision Process Calibrator

Fluke 7526A Precision Process Calibrator
The versatile 7526A Precision Process Calibrator lets you calibrate and maintain a wide range of temperature, pressure and low dc voltage process tools with a single instrument.

Leyro LHC75 portable dry block temperature calibrator

thumb-lhc75_500x500.jpg The Leyro portable dry block temperature calibrator, for temperature calibrations, between 40 ... 375ºC, offers a compact, economical and versatile solution for calibrating RTDs and thermocouples in industrial environments, offering excellent performance in stability and uniformity, as well as fast response time.

8588A Reference Multimeter

Fluke-8588a-Reference-Multimeter.png The 8588A delivers reliable and reproducible measurements with exceptional performance suitable for primary level laboratories. With more than 12 measurement functions, including the new digitize voltage, digitize current, capacitance, RF power, and external shunts for dc and ac current.

E-DWT-H Electronic Deadweight Tester

E-DWT-H™ Electronic Deadweight Tester
E-DWT-H™ is a modern alternative to the conventional deadweight tester, equipped with an electronic reference pressure monitor which eliminates:

  • The cumbersome task of loading mass, possible errors, and costly shipment of mass sets
  • Subjective interpolation of gauge readings due to limited mass loading resolution
  • The need for measuring ambient conditions and local gravity and doing unit conversions.


Electrical Calibrators

Fluke 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator
The new 3130 calibrator offers you a complete system for pressure sensor and pressure gauge calibration, on the bench or in the field. It contains everything needed to generate, control, and measure pressure, as well as read the output of the device under test.

Pendulum CNT-90 Basic Frequency Counter/Analyzer

pendulum_20180410_CNT-90_FR_2.jpeg The CNT-90 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer is excellent for measurement, analysis and calibration of frequency, time, or phase. In production test systems, R&D, the calibration lab, or in the field; the CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer outperforms many existing counters on the market.

Fluke 9132/9133 Portable Infrared Calibrator

9132_c_nr-1500x1000.jpg Precision when you need it for infrared temperature calibration
◌ Certify IR pyrometers from –30 °C to 500 °C (–22 °F to 932 °F)
◌ Large 57 mm (2.25 in) blackbody target
◌ RTD reference well for contact temperature measurement

Ruska 2482 Differential Piston Gauge

Ruska 2482

  • Differential Pressure Standard
  • Accuracy 40 ppm of reading +0.0013 psi
  • Static pressure range to 2900 psi (200 bar)
  • Differential pressures to 850 inH2O (2100 mbar)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic operation
  • Software provided for operation and data management
  • Extremely fast and easy to operate