Fluke CNX 3000 Series Wireless System

Fluke CNX 3000 Series
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Fluke CNX 3000 Series Test Tools
The Fluke Wireless Team

Fluke Corp. introduces the Fluke® CNX Wireless System, the first set of test tools that wirelessly connects multiple measurement modules and sends simultaneous readings to a master device up to 20 meters away, allowing users to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. The rugged, customizable tool set allows users to choose various measurement modules based on their specific troubleshooting scenario.
Fluke CNX 3000 Series
At the core of the Fluke CNX Wireless System is a CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V multimeter with a screen that displays its readings along with live readings from up to three other measurement modules. For more complex troubleshooting, users can view live measurements from up to 10 modules simultaneously on a computer equipped with the CNX PC Adapter.
PC Software
The modules, which include AC Voltage, AC Current Clamp, iFlex AC Current Clamp, and K-Type Temperature units, can take live measurements or log up to 65,000 sets of data. Logged data can be saved to a computer in .csv format.
CNX 3000 Application1
The Fluke CNX system allows users to place modules in hazardous or awkward places and then watch the readings from a safe distance. For example, a technician can de-energize a panel, connect voltage or current modules to all three phases, close and re-energize the panel, and then conveniently read the measurements outside the arc flash zone.

By leveraging the most common electrical test tool – the multimeter – the Fluke CNX system allows technicians to extend their existing capabilities and skills, helping them meet market demand for more complex three-phase work without re-training on more complex test tools.