ELIOT Location and Identification Equipment for Underground Networks

ELIOT Location and Identification Equipment for Underground Networks Eliot marker
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ELIOT Location and Identification Equipment for Underground Networks is a patented system based on tried and tested technology: RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), specifically used in electronic motorway tolls or biometric passports.

ELIOT thus uses electromagnetic energy to locate and identify underground networks. The ELIOT system consists of three main components:

ELIOT marker ELIOT marker
ELIOT marker

The ELIOT marker is a passive RFID tag protected by a rigid polymer box that is sealed and highly resistant. It is easily installed on the buried structure by using two adhesive strips under the box. It can be positioned on all curved or flat surfaces. With an expected lifetime of around a century, it is effective in all soil types, whatever the magnetic and electric environment.

The marker works for the following applications : gas, water, telecom, sewage, industry, power, geothermal, rainwater, districtheating.

Information about the application is directly integrated during the manufacturing process.

ELIOT reader
ELIOT reader

With a 68 cm diameter antenna and a colour screen making for perfect readability, even in bright light conditions, the ELIOT reader is light, easy to handle and and highly shock-resistant. It can locate and precisely identify all underground structures. In addition to unencrypting all information contained in the RFID marker, it also allows for the addition of data, via two predefined write fields. Its on-board database also allows for the integration of additional attributes before then exporting all data to any type of GIS (via USB port).

ELIOT mobile for Android Smartphones
ELIOT mobile for Android Smartphones

ELIOT Mobile is an application designed for smartphones with an NFC (Near Field Communication) function, allowing for communication through contact with the ELIOT marker, whether for querying it or programming it. This application is native on ELIOT smartphones.