Cropico DO5000 Series Bench Digital Micro-ohmmeter with Temperature Compensation

Cropico DO5000 Series Bench Digital Micro-ohmmeter
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A bench digital microhmmeter with temperature compensation.

  • True 4 terminal measurement
  • Range 3mΩ to 30kΩ
  • 10A Measurement current
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Accuracy ±(0.03% Rdg+0.02% FS)

The D05000 series of digital micro ohmmeters offer flexibility of measurement with high accuracy and exceptional functionality. The D0500 series encompass all the features required in an ohmmeter in one practical instrument. This series of instruments have programmable measuring current in 100 steps, ensuring that we have a model in the range suitable for your application.

Automatic temperature compensation references the measurement to 20oC and Hi / Lo limits permits sorting of components with the minimum of fuss. The D05000 series all have the ability to take an external PRT 100 sensor, this is easily plugged into the socket on the front of the unit.

All these functions are available as standard as well as a data logging function which stores up to 4000 date and time stamped readings. Statistical analysis of these values allows you to display the Max / Min / Average values as well as the peak to peak and standard deviation.