Cropico 3000 Series Portable High-Accuracy Digital Thermometers

Cropico 3000 Series Portable High-Accuracy Digital Thermometers
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Portable high accuracy temperature indicator

  • RTD, PT25, PT100 and 13 TC Types
  • High Accuracy ±0.01°C
  • High Resolution ±0.001°C
  • 2 Channels

The Cropico 3000 is a digital thermometer of very high accuracy (0.01°C) and very high resolution (0.001°C). To ensure that the very best temperature measurements are achieved, PRT probe characteristics may be entered and stored using either CVd or ITS90 coefficients. The measuring current may be reduced by 0.707 to determine self-heating of the probe and may also be reversed automatically to optimise any thermal emf errors.

The Cropico 3000 digital thermometer comes with many options. 2 channel inputs allow you to compare thermocouples against a standard PRT (platinum resistance thermometer). The Cropico3000 can be incorporated into automated measuring systems thanks to the RS232/IEEE-488 optional interfaces.