Clare SafeMedic Comprehensive IEC/EN 60601 Medical Electrical Safety Analyser

SafeMedic Medical Electrical Safety Analyser
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For more information contact : Chaleomphorn Saengchaem Tel.08-5489-3461

The SafeMedic provides a comprehensive suite of test functions designed to enable the user to perform full compliance testing in accordance with a wide range of test requirements (EN 60601/ IEC 60601). It can be operated manually, where the user selects individual tests. Or it can be configured to run automatic tests of a predetermined selection.

Tests are applied and results are recorded within the instrument's internal memory. This high-precision instrument can simulate a wide range of fault conditions, measure the full range of leakage current requirements and apply both high current testing and high voltage hi pot / flash tests.

Key Features

  • Earth / Ground Bond Current up to 40A
  • Hipot / Flash Test for patient connection cables
  • Defibrillation proof test
  • Powered Leakage Tests
  • 110 / 240V operation
  • Optional PC control
  • Automatic scan through up to 12 applied parts connections
  • All Tests fully compliant with the requirements of EN 60601
  • Internal memory stores up to 4,000 sets of results