FLUKE 930/931 Tachometer

FLUKE_930-931_Tachometer.jpg The FLUKE 931 is a handheld tachometer, which integrates the contact and non-contact speed measurement functions and can accurately measure the revolutions per minute (RPM) or surface speed on rotating machinery.

GenRad 1531-AB, 1538-A Stroboscope

GenRad 1531-AB Stroboscope GenRad 1538-A Stroboscope
The GenRad 1531-AB and 1538-A Strobotac electronic stroboscope is a small portable flashing-light source used to measure the speed of fast-moving devices or to produce the optical effect of stopping or slowing down high-speed motion for observation.

Fluke 820-2 High Intensity LED Stroboscope

Fluke 820-2 High Intensity LED Stroboscope
The Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope is a simple, easy to use tool for stop motion measurement and diagnostic purposes allowing you to investigate and observe potential mechanism failure with confidence on a variety of machinery,