Spectrum Analyzers

GW Instek GSP-818 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-818_icon_19123117128.jpg GSP-818 has a built-in 20dB amplifier and provides an adjustable range of resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10Hz to 3MHz. In addition, it has the AM/FM signal demodulation function and the ACPR/OCBW/CHPW test functions to meet the requirements of general RF signal measurement.

GW Instek GSP-9330 EMC Pretest Spectrum Analyzer

GDM-9061_18092817585.jpg A high test speed spectrum analyzer with 3.25 GHz, provides the fastest 204 μs sweep speed. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals. The keys to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation functions.

GW Instek GSP-9300 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GW Instek GSP-9300 3GHz Spectrum AnalyzerGSP-9300 is a light, compact and high C/P ratio 3GHz spectrum analyzer. The GSP-9300 frequency range stretches from 9kHz to 3GHz and features many functions such as radio frequency and power measurement, 2FSK digital communications analysis,

Micronix MSA438TG 3.3GHz Color Spectrum Analyzer with 5MHz to 3.3GHz TG

Micronix MSA438TG
MSA438TG enables the measurement and evaluation of the amplitude frequency characteristics such as filter, amplifier, other electric components and circuits.

Micronix MSA 400 Series : Hand Held Spectrum Analyzer

Micronix MSA 400 Series

  • MSA 438 - 50 KHz - 3.3 GHz
  • MSA 438TG - 50 KHz - 3.3 GHz with Tracking Gen
  • MSA 458 - 50 KHz - 8.5 GHz

GW Instek MDO-2000A (2in1), MDO-2000AG (3in1) Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Function Generator

MDO-2302AG_Front_19090910817.jpg MDO-2000A is an advanced version of MDO-2000E. The selectable bandwidth range is upgraded to 300MHz. The full bandwidth ranges include 300MHz, 200MHz and 100MHz. The sampling rate has upgraded to Max. 2GSa/s and the memory depth has also been upgraded to 20M/CH.

GW Instek MDO-2000E Series Multi-Functional Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

GW Instek MDO-2000 Series
MDO-2000E series is multi-functional mixed domain oscilloscope feature a built-in a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A power supply.

Micronix MSA438E 3.3GHz Color Spectrum Analyzer for EMI

Micronix MSA438E
MSA438E is a core instrument of “Precompliance EMI test system/MR2300”. This spectrum analyzer is developed for EMI test and is equipped with the Quasi-peak and Average detections, and 9kHz/120kHz(6dB) resolution bandwidth.

Micronix MA430 Distance To Fault (DTMF) Measurement

Micronix MA430
The MSA438TG in which DTF firmware (DTF/FW) is installed enables to measure the distance to discontinuity point and the length of the cable. The measured data can be browsed by the dedicated PC software.

Micronix MSA358 : 8.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Micronix MSA358 The MSA300 series is a first authentic handheld spectrum analyzer providing good characteristics and abundant functions in spite of compact, lightweight and inexpensive model.