Signal Generators

Pendulum GSG-5/6 Advanced GNSS Simulators

GSG_5_1.png Simulation is simply the best way to test and verify proper operation of devices, systems and software reliant on global navigation satellite signals. Pendulum GSG-5/6 series simulators are easy-to-use, feature-rich and affordable to offer the best value compared to alternative testing tools or the limitations of testing from “live sky” signals.

GW Instek MDO-2000E Series Multi-Functional Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

GW Instek MDO-2000 Series
MDO-2000E series is multi-functional mixed domain oscilloscope feature a built-in a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A power supply.

BK Precision 4040A เครื่องกำเนิดความถี่แบบสวีพ นับความถี่ได้

BK Precision 4040A
กำเนิดความถี่จาก 0.2 Hz ถึง 20 MHz มอดูเลตแบบ BURST ได้
วัดความถี่จากภายนอกได้สูงถึง 30 MHz
ให้เอาต์พุตแบบสวีพได้ ทั้งแบบลิเนียร์หรือล็อกก็ได้

GW Instek MSO-2000 Series 200/100/70MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

GW-Instek MSO-2000 Series 200/100/70MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope The MSO-2000 series includes MSO-2000E and MSO-2000EA. MSO-2000E has a built-in 16-channel logic analyzer and MSO-2000EA has a built-in 16-channel logic analyzer and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator.

GW Instek MFG-2000 Series Multi-Channel Function Generator

GW Instek MFG-2000 Series MFG-2000 series, which has up to 5 simultaneous output channels (MFG-2260MFA/MFG-2260MRA), including CH1 and CH2 equivalent performance dual channel arbitrary function generator with the maximum 60MHz for both channels; RF signal generator, a standard AFG

GW Instek AFG-3000 Series Arbitrary Functiob Generator

GW Instek AFG-3000 Series The AFG-3000 Series is arbitrary waveform generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms.

BK Precision 4063, 4064, 4065 Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

BK Precision 4063, 4064, 4065
The 4060 Series Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators are capable of generating stable and precise sine, square, triangle, pulse, and arbitrary waveforms.

BK Precision 4077B, 4080B Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generators

BK Precision 4077B, 4080BArbitrary/Function Waveform Generators combine a DDS architecture offering easy-to-use conventional function generator capabilities with a true point-by-point AWG architecture to produce accurate and precise arbitrary waveforms.

GW Instek USG-LF44 Pocket-Sized RF Signal Generator

GW Instek USG-LF44 Pocket-Sized RF Signal GeneratorThe Instek USGLF44 RF Signal Generator is a pocket-sized and USB interface compatible RF signal generator with the frequency range from 34.5 MHz to 4.4 GHz.

AFG-2225 25MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary Function Generator

AFG-2225 25MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
GW Instek is launching AFG-2225, its first basic level dual-channel arbitrary function generator, which provides superior features in its class. Both channels are equipped with same characteristics to fit dual-signal applications such as differential or IQ signaling.