RF Power Measurement

Bird 5012D Wideband Power Sensor (WPS)

Bird 5012D Wideband Power Sensor
The Bird Wideband Power Sensor (WPS) is a true hand-held product; you can hold the sensor in one hand and comfortably operate the meter in the other. Forward power and reflected power measurements range 350 MHz - 4.0 GHz.


BIRD model HPW
เหมาะสำหรับงานวัดทดสอบเครื่องส่งวิทยุกำลังสูง ทั้ง CW , FM สามารถใช้งานได้ ในย่าน 50-125MHz, 2.5 KW และ 5 KW

Bird 6810 - 4715 : 2.5 KW - 10 KW RF Watt Meter

Bird 6810 – 4715

  • ใช้สำหรับตรวจวัดค่า Power ของเครื่องส่ง Broadcast FM ,TV
  • ใช้กับ Coaxial Rigid Line 1 5/8 Inch. EIA Flg
  • Dual Socket for 2 Elements
  • Scale 5/10/25

Bird ACM Series Antenna and Cable Monitor

Bird's Antenna & Cable Monitor is the solution for monitoring your transmission antenna systems. Service providers and self maintained end user's can rely on this monitor and alarm to keep their critical sites up and running.

Bird Model 4421 Precision RF Power Meter

BIRD 4421
The Bird Model 4421 is a precision RF power meter that, while originally intended for general purpose laboratory applications where high accuracy is required, has found wide acceptance in semiconductor processing applications.

Bird Attenuators

BIRD Attenuators
Bird A-Series RF attenuators feature high-quality, robust construction, and conservative power ratings. A-Series attenuators will operate at 120% of nominal power rating at 25°C and below. Bi-directional operation permits either connector to be used as the input without fear of burnout

Bird AT-500, AT-800 HF/ VHF Antenna Tester

BIRD AT500-800
Bird's AT-Series, Antenna Testers provide a cost-effective, fast, graphical way of determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas. The unit can display single frequency or swept readings scaled in either VSWR, return loss


The Model 43 THRULINE Directional Wattmeter accurately measures forward or reflected power in coaxial transmission lines under any load condition.

Bird Model 5000EX Hand-Held Digital RF Power Meter

The "NEW" Industry Standard Hand-Held RF Power Meter, Easy To Operate & Field Ready.

Bird 8329-300 2kW Oil-Cooled Attenuator

Bird 8329-300 2kW Oil-Cooled AttenuatorTenuline Attenuators are a valuable and reliable accessory for reducing power levels and VSWR, for isolating components under test, for harmonic signal analysis, and as comparison standards. Bird's RF attenuators are world renowned for their high-quailty, robust construction and conservative power ratings.

BIRD 5000 XT : Hand Held Digital Power Meter

BIRD 5000 XT
เครื่องวัด RF Power สำหรับเทคโนโลยีสื่อสารดิจิตอล สำหรับงานทดสอบสัญญาณ Power : 2G, 3G GSM, WIMAX (IEEE 802.16), EDGE, DVB, DMB, WIFI และ W CDMA /CDMA

Bird 4304A Multiranges RF Watt Meter

BIRD 4304A
The Model 4304A uses the basic construction of the Model 43 and modifies it with a special broadband element and range switch for general purpose RF power measurement without the hassle of carrying a set of individual elements

Bird 100-CC Series

Bird's directional couplers world renowned for their high-quailty, robust construction and conservative power ratings.

Bird 5012 Wideband Power Sensor

BIRD 5012
Bird's® Site Management Solutions for Power Measurement. When combined with a Digital Power Meter, Site Analyzer Family of line and antenna analysis products, or a Personal Computer, the Wideband Power Sensor becomes an integral part of a very robust and sophisticated power measurement solution.

Bird Dummy Loads

BIRD Dummy Loads
50W loads and attenuators
Non-magnetic materials used throughout
Other convection-cooled models available with power ratings from 0.5W, with usable frequencies to 18 GHz

Bird-Plug-in Sensor Elements

BIRD ElementsMeasures 100 mW– 1000 W at frequencies up to 2.7GHz
Accuracy: ± 5% of Full Scale unless noted otherwise
Pulse elements for Model 4391A permit measurement of pulses as narrow as 0.8 us

Bird APM-16

Bird developed the APM-16 for engineers and technicians who work with today's increasingly common digital RF technologies, where accurate average power measurement with conventional CW-type wattmeters can be difficult and uncertain.

Bird- Boardcas Power Monitor-Enhanced (BPM-E)

Bird’s Broadcast Power Monitor products comprise several true average-responding sensors that attach to a Multi-function Power Meter or directly to a personal computer (PC) via an RS-232 cable.