Pressure Calibrator

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Fluke 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator

729Pro_03.jpg not only simplifies pressure calibraiton but saves time, reduces errors and improves accuracy. With plug-in replaceable pressure control modules, the pressure generation and regulation could be up to 1000psi, 7Mpa.

Fluke 730G Smart Digital Pressure Calibrator

F-730rg07_05a_w.jpg The Fluke 730G Smart Digital Pressure Calibrator combines the performance of a precision test gauge with the power of a loop calibrator and also includes internal HART communication capabilities.

Ruska 2482 Differential Piston Gauge

Ruska 2482

  • Differential Pressure Standard
  • Accuracy 40 ppm of reading +0.0013 psi
  • Static pressure range to 2900 psi (200 bar)
  • Differential pressures to 850 inH2O (2100 mbar)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic operation
  • Software provided for operation and data management
  • Extremely fast and easy to operate

Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator
The 719Pro includes a full functioning loop calibrator that sources, simulates and measures mA signals and more making it the ideal test tool for calibrating high accuracy transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges.

Fluke 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator
The new 3130 calibrator offers you a complete system for pressure sensor and pressure gauge calibration, on the bench or in the field. It contains everything needed to generate, control, and measure pressure, as well as read the output of the device under test.

Fluke-730 series Pneumatic / Hydraulic Test Pumps

Fluke-730_series.png Portable pumps feature fast pressure generation, stable pressure and easy-to-use. It comes in four models to provide stable and precise pressure during calibration.

E-DWT-H Electronic Deadweight Tester

E-DWT-H™ Electronic Deadweight Tester
E-DWT-H™ is a modern alternative to the conventional deadweight tester, equipped with an electronic reference pressure monitor which eliminates:

  • The cumbersome task of loading mass, possible errors, and costly shipment of mass sets
  • Subjective interpolation of gauge readings due to limited mass loading resolution
  • The need for measuring ambient conditions and local gravity and doing unit conversions.

Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules for 75X and 720 series calibrators

Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules
The 750P Series Pressure Modules are the ideal pressure modules to enable gage, differential and absolute pressure measurement with Fluke 750 and 740 series DPCs and 725, 726 MPCs to measure pressure.

DHI PG9607 Piston Gauge with AMH System

DHI PG9607
The DH Instruments PG9607 is the next generation of absolute pressure piston gauge from Fluke Calibration. It supports the use of a 100 kg mass set to define gauge and absolute pressures from 11 to 500 kPa with a single piston-cylinder.