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Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer

 Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer
The new VT04A builds on the success of the VT04 at an even lower price point. The VT04A includes all the features of the VT04 but is powered by AA batteries, making it ideal for technicians who want to swap out batteries in the field.

Fluke 62 Max, Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared thermometers offer market-leading dust, water and drop protection

Fluke 62 Max, Fluke 62 Max+
The new Fluke 62 Max and 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometers. These rugged, accurate, easy-to-use test tools are dust, water and drop resistant, making them ideal for the harsh conditions faced by technicians in electrical, service, HVAC, process, industrial and facilities maintenance applications.

Fluke 64 MAX IR Thermometer

Fluke 64 MAX IR Thermometer
Designed and tested to survive a 3 meter drop, you can count on this lightweight, compact infrared thermometer to work when you need it to work in the harshest environment and even when you’re not able to be there.

Reed R2020 Video Infrared Thermometer

Reed R2020 Video Infrared Thermometer
The Reed Video Infrared Thermometer combines the convenience of a spot thermometer, which only shows an average temperature of an area, with the visual advantage of a digital camera to get a visual image of exactly what you are measuring

Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer

Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe IR ThermometerIntrinsically safe temperature measurements. Anywhere in the world.

The Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer is the one product you can use in Class I Div 1 and Div 2 or Zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments anywhere in the world

Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer

Fluke Visual IR Thermometer
The Fluke VT04 is the most powerful addition to the groundbreaking Fluke Visual IR Thermometer family. The VT04 features PyroBlend™ Plus technology that delivers 4x sharper images for enhanced problem detection.

FoodPro and FoodPro Plus Food Safety Thermometers

Fluke FoodPro
The easy-to-use and highly accurate Fluke FoodPro non-contact thermometer instantly measures surface temperature, allowing users to make rapid and frequent non-contact temperature measurements without risk of cross contamination

Fluke 561 Thermometer IR Thermometer with K-type thermocouple capability

Lighten up your toolbox. The Fluke 561 IR and contact thermometer, combines the temperature measurement functions that industrial, electrical, and HVAC/R professionals need,

Fluke 568 and 566 Infrared and Contact Thermometers

Fluke 566, 568
Two-in-one IR and contact thermometers with an innovative dot matrix display. Quickly navigate advanced features to adjust emissivity, start data logging, or turn on and off alarms - with just a few pushes of a button.