Indoor Environment Quality


Handheld-Odor-Meter-sq.jpg Whether you need to perform odor testing for residential or commercial buildings, Kanomax odor meters are designed to fit your needs.

Kanomax Model 6332D Airflow Transducer

Kanomax Model 6332D Airflow Transducer
The airflow transducer model 6332D is designed for fixed installation. The 6332D is a good choice for facility management and integration into other equipment such as dataloggers, alarms or controllers.

Kanomax Anemomaster 6810 Series Vane Anemometer

Kanomax Anemomaster 6810 Series Vane Anemometer
Rugged Metal Probe and Vane. This is a high quality instrument which provides accurate air velocity and volume flow measurements in the harshest environments.

Kanomax 2100 IAQ Monitor

Kanomax 2100 All-in-one model that can measure 6 parameter of Building Sanitation Law regulation with one unit. For measuring the air environment of buildings, department stores, halls, libraries, museums, etc.

Kanomax Model 6710, 6715 TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood

Kanomax Model 6710 TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood
The Kanomax TABmaster is the perfect tool for accurate supply and return airflow measurements. Interchangeable hoods make it a snap to sample the air for any duct size. The unit is lightweight and easy to handle.

FLUKE 945 Sound level meter

FLUKE_945_sound_level_meter.jpg The FLUKE 945 Sound Level Meter has been designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and quality control in a wide variety of industrial environments.

Kanomax Model 4431 Sound Meter

Kanomax Model 4431 Sound Meter
World’s first 0-dB Function optional (Model 4431-1G ). Type 2 standards for ANSI S1.4 1983 and IEC 61672-1. The magnetic accelerometer attaches easily to machinery for increased accuracy and precise opetation.

Comark C9500 Series Pressure/Vacuum Meter with ATEX Certified

Comark C9500 Series Pressure/Vacuum MeterComark pressure meters combine high accuracy with speed of response and offer the option of ATEX certified Intrinsically Safe models. The C9500 instruments have twin inputs for gauge or differential pressures and positive or negative (vacuum) pressure measurement.

Kanomax Model 3443 Digital Dust Monitor

Kanomax Model 3443 Digital Dust MonitorThe Kanomax Dust Monitor 3443 is a compact and high quality instrument ensures highly accurate dust measurements. Applications include office, school, hospital, manufacturing, laboratory, and other applications

Indoor Environment Quality Testing Made Easy

Indoor Environment Quality Testing Made EasyFind out more about Indoor Environment Quality parameters testing
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) encompasses all aspects of the indoor setting including air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort, lighting and noise.