High Voltage Tester

Ultra TEV Plus2 Hand-held Partial Discharge (PD) Instrument

Ultra TEV Plus2 Hand-held Partial Discharge (PD) InstrumentUsing expertly designed algorithms the UltraTEV Plus² is able to help the operator understand the results, interpreting the data and displaying clear results on screen so engineers know immediately the condition of the asset they are inspecting.

Metrel MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV

Metrel MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kVMI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV provides a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The large segment LCD screen with backlight offers easy reading of results. The analogue/digital display with analogue graph has a range of up to 1 TΩ for insulation resistance

Ofil Scalar - Hand Held Colona Camera

Ofil Scalar - Hand Held Colona CameraOfil Scalar is a High Value Low Cost, affordable corona detection camera. Scalar records, stores and plays videos and stills. Scalar sees ultraviolet signals emitted by partial discharges and smartly differentiates between noise and real corona signals.

PD Hawk™ Switchyard PD Locator

PD Hawk™ Switchyard PD Locator
Locates PD activity in live open terminal switchyards – quickly and safely. The PD Hawk™ is uniquely effective for detecting and locating internal AND surface PD activity in open terminal switchyards.

Seaward SDR35 HV Discharge Rod

Seaward SDR35 HV Discharge Rod
This instrument will allow you to conduct the safe damp discharge of the residual charge on the cable / equipment by limiting the discharge current.

Metrel MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV

Metrel MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV
Advanced, digital HV measuring instrument with maximum test voltage up to 5000 V DC and resistance measuring range up to 5 TΩ. Automatic PI, DAR and DD index calculation and capacitance measurement up to 50µF.

Metrel MI 3205 TeraOhmXA 5kV

Metrel MI 3205 TeraOhmXA 5kVMI 3205 TeraOhm XA 5kV is a portable battery (Li-ion) or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP65 case closed and IP54 case open), intended for diagnosing of Insulation Resistance by using high test voltages of up to 5 kV.

UltraTEV Plus+™ Multi-Functional Partial Discharge (PD) Instrument

EA Technology UltraTEV Plus+™
The UltraTEV Plus+™ is a handheld instrument used to detect and measure partial discharge in high voltage assets, including, but not limited too; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards.

Seaward Halo Hook Ammeter for overhead powerlines

Seaward Halo Hook
The Halo has been designed for measuring current flow on overhead line systems up to 40 kV (line to earth). The sensing unit is encased in a moulded plastic housing and is fully screened against the effects of electrostatic fields.

Seaward LLT Live Line Testing on systems up to 1100V DC

LLT Live Line Test
The Seaward LLT live line tester is a voltage detector ideal for live line testing on systems up to 1100V DC, and is encapsulated in a high impact rugged enclosure with high-visibility cable.