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Intrinsic safety คืออะไร

Intrinsically Safe
Intrinsic safety (IS) คือ หลักการที่ใช้ป้องกันอุปกรณ์ไฟฟ้าจากการเป็นต้นเหตุของการระเบิดในสภาพแวดล้อมที่อันตราย ซึ่งสภาพแวดล้อมที่อันตรายนี้ หมายถึงพื้นที่ที่มีการปะปนของอยู่ของก๊าซหรือฝุ่นผงที่ใวไฟและมีโอกาสระเบิดได้โดยง่าย

Vaisala Indigo520 Transmitter for Smart probes

OD-Indigo500-lab-probebody-2-GMP252-1280x960.jpg Indigo520 transmitter is an industrial-grade, robust transmitter that accommodates 1 or 2 Vaisala Indigo compatible probes for humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil measurements.

Amprobe LM-200LED LED Light Meter

LM-200LED_1.jpg A professional tester specifically designed to accurately measure light output of the LED light sources.

Fluke 941 Light Meter

FLUKE_941_light_meter.jpg The FLUKE 941 is a handheld luminometer than can measure visible light sent from a variety of light sources, to include fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, or incandescent lamps.

Vaisala Indigo 200 Series Host Devices for Vaisala's Smart Probes

Vaisala Indigo 200 Series Host Devices Vaisala Indigo 200 Series host devices are intended for Vaisala's intelligent, stand-alone CO2 probes*), GMP251 and GMP252, and the vaporized hydrogen peroxide probe HPP272. Indigo 200 allows for easy evaluation and visualization of data, also wirelessly.

Vaisala PTU300 Combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

PROD-PTU300-1280x960.jpg The PTU300 is a unique instrument measuring three parameters simultaneously: barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. The instrument has four different humidity probe options for various measurement needs.

Vaisala WXT-530 Weather Transmitter

Measures 6 most essential weather parameters as WXT510
Accurate and stable
Low power consumption - works also with solar panels


Handheld-Odor-Meter-sq.jpg Whether you need to perform odor testing for residential or commercial buildings, Kanomax odor meters are designed to fit your needs.

HMT-360 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

HMT 360
Intrinsically safe - the whole transmitter can be installed into the explosive area
The interchangeable probe module contains all calibration coefficients

Vaisala ​GMP252 Carbon Dioxide Probe for ppm-Level Measurements

Vaisala ​GMP252 Carbon Dioxide ProbeThe Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252 is an intelligent, stand-alone, ppm-level probe for measuring CO2 in agriculture, refrigeration, greenhouses and demanding HVAC applications. It is suitable for harsh and humid CO2 measurement environments where stable and accurate ppm-level CO2 measurements are needed.