Diagnostic Systems

Huntron Tracker Model 30 Replaced

Huntron M-30 The Tracker Model 30 was a compact Tracker designed for use with Huntron Workstation and accessories such as the Scanner II or Huntron Access Prober. Take advantage of Tracker Signature Analysis capabilities to help you troubleshoot printed circuit board (PCB) faults to the component level and without applying power, saving circuits from possible further damage.

Huntron Access DH Prober Dual Probe Head Automated Test System

Huntron Access DH ProberThe Access DH Prober is a dual head Robotic Flying Probe system that is best suited for low volume PCA testing where interfacing between two points is necessary. The Access DH stands in it's own cabinet with plenty of space underneath for a rack mounted PC and other test instrumentation.

Huntron Tracker 2800 and 2800S Power-off Diagnostics for your Benchtop

Huntron Tracker 2800 and Tracker 2800S
Using the proven power-off test method known as Tracker Signature Analysis it eliminates the risk of further circuit damage, which often occurs when power is applied.

Huntron Access 2 USB Probers

Huntron Access 2 The Huntron Access 2 Prober is used to automate the testing of printed circuits assemblies (PCA) that would otherwise have to be tested by hand. Adding Flying Prober tester technology your test procedure will significantly decrease test times therefore increasing productivity.

Huntron Tracker 2800S USB : Power-off Diagnostics with USB and Workstation Software

Huntron Tracker 2800S USB
The Huntron Tracker 2800 series now have the advantage of communicating through a USB connection to the Huntron Workstation Software. This will allow for the storage of Huntron Analog Signatures thus eliminating the need to always have a good PCA available for comparison.

Huntron Tracker 3200S Power-off PCB Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Tools

Huntron Tracker 3200SThe NEW Huntron Tracker 3200S is designed to encompass our product history and leadership in power-off test by providing powerful test and troubleshooting solutions.

Huntron Workstation Software

Huntron  Software-2 The design is straightforward and easy to use yet robust and flexible enough to meet your most demanding test needs. Huntron Workstation's goal is to provide a model driven platform that allows you to organize your test procedure, execute your test in a repeatable process and interpret the results quickly.

Huntron Scanner II, Scanner 31S

Huntron Scanner 31S
The Huntron Tracker Model 30 with Scanner uses the Huntron Workstation software for test development and execution. The pins of the Scanner are used to route the Tracker Model 30 signal to each of the pins of the cable.