Handheld-Odor-Meter-sq.jpg Whether you need to perform odor testing for residential or commercial buildings, Kanomax odor meters are designed to fit your needs.

Kanomax Model 3910 Portable Particle Counter

Kanomax Model 3910 Portable Particle Counter
The new 3910 is the smallest 6-channel portable particle counter in the industry; it provides 50 LPM flow rate with a 0.3 micron sensitivity. With its large color touch screen, streamlined, user-friendly interface

Haltech HPC300 3-channel handheld particle counter

HPC300 3-channel handheld particle counter
HAL-HPC300 Handheld Laser Particle Counters measures particles suspended in the air in real time with applications such as microelectronics, fine mechanics, optics, pharmaceutical, medical device, food processing, and aerospace. Because of its low-cost affordability, it is also widely used for indoor/outdoor air quality (IAQ) application.

Kanomax Model 3443 Digital Dust Monitor

Kanomax Model 3443 Digital Dust MonitorThe Kanomax Dust Monitor 3443 is a compact and high quality instrument ensures highly accurate dust measurements. Applications include office, school, hospital, manufacturing, laboratory, and other applications

Sonic WA-790 3-Dimensional Ultrasonic Anemometer

WA-790.jpg Indoor air flow monitoring
o Capable to measure air flow by 3 axis based calculation of wind velocity.
o Capable to measure almost 0 m/sec wind velocity.
o Calibration free against the temperature excursion.
o Capable of temperature monitoring by ultrasonic.

Fluke 985 Particle Counter delivers high accuracy, lightweight, rugged device

Fluke 985 Particle Counter
Fluke Corporation introduces the Fluke 985 Particle Counter, a rugged, highly accurate meter that measures airborne particles to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ). The 985 is ideal for facility maintenance, HVAC and IAQ professionals to monitor cleanroom and conduct HVAC filter testing and IAQ commissioning and investigations in buildings.

Kanomax Model 3888 & 3889 Handheld Particle Counter

Kanomax Model 3888 & 3889 Handheld Particle Counter
The Model 3888 (3-channel) and 3889 (6-channel) Handheld Particle Counters utilize the same, proven parts that made the original Handheld Particle Counters so reliable. The instruments meet/exceed new ISO 21501-4 Standards and are fully RoHS compliant.