Clamp Meter

Metrel MD 9250 Industrial True RMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter

Metrel MD 9250 Industrial True RMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
The MD 9250 is the first Clamp Meter that meets overvoltage category CAT IV 1000 V. Designed for single-hand operation, built-in measuring functions; True RMS AC/DC (current, voltage), capacitance, temperature and full range resistance

Metrel MD 9240 True RMS Power Clamp Meter

Metrel MD 9240  True RMS Power Clamp Meter
The MD 9240 is a high-quality and extremely easy to handle power clamp meter. The current clamp enables True RMS AC current measurement up to 1000 A, single-phase power analysis, DC, AC voltage measurement, temperature measurement and more.

Metrel MD 9235 True RMS Power Clamp Meter

Metrel MD 9235 TRMS Power Clamp Meter
The MD 9235 is a Slim-Jaw current clamp meter with ability to measure 3-Phase Unbalanced-Load + kWHr recording. True RMS AC current measurement up to 600 A, single and 3-phase power analysis, total power factor and resistance measurement.

Fluke CNX Wireless System : The new Fluke wireless troubleshooting team

Fluke CNX Wireless System
You see what’s happening with your thermal imager. Now help uncover root causes, by connecting CNX™ wireless current modules to your imager. Now there’s a fast and convenient way to capture current measurements from up to five wireless modules at once using your thermal imager.

Amprobe ACD-10 PLUS, ACD-10 TRMS-PLUS 600A Clamp-On Multimeter

Amprobe ACD-10 PLUS
Amprobe’s ACD-10 PLUS meter offers thinner jaws over standard clamp meters. Allowing access to tight measurement areas and still accommodating conductors up to 25 mm.

BK Precision 312B, 313A แคลมป์มิเตอร์ AC ขนาดเล็ก

BK Precision 312B

ย่านการวัดกระแส 600A AC
ปากวัดเปิดได้กว้าง 0.98”

BK Precision 316 แคลมป์มิเตอร์ AC/DC ขนาดเล็ก

BK Precision 316

ย่านการวัด 100A AD/DC
จอแสดงผล 4 หลัก

BK Precision 325 True RMS AC/DC Power Clamp Meter

BK Precision 325 The Model 325 AC/DC True RMS Power Clamp Meter provides safe, non-invasive measurements of up to 400KW, 400 Amps AC, and measures up to 600 Volts AC/DC utilizing the pair of standard test leads.

Fluke i2000 flex AC Current Clamp

Fluke i2000-3000s
The i2000 is an AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle. It can be used to measure currents up to 2000A when used in conjunction with multimeters, recorders or data loggers.

Fluke i310s Current Probe

Fluke i310S
The i310s current probe is based on Hall Effect technology for use in measurement of both DC and AC current.