Bird Dummy Loads

BIRD Dummy Loads
Download Data Sheet 100W (197 KB) , 500W (143 KB), 1KW (185 KB)

2W to 1000W Dummy Loads Low to Medium Power Convection-Cooled Loads
Dry RF Loads and Attenuators


  • 50W loads and attenuators
  • Non-magnetic materials used throughout
  • Other convection-cooled models available with power ratings from 0.5W, with usable frequencies to 18 GHz
  • Ultra-compact conduction- cooled CT models use external heatsink to dissipate heat
  • Other CT models available with power ratings from 25W
  • Quiet, maintenance-free operation
  • Maximum VSWR 0f 1.10:1 at 1GHz; 1.25:1 max at up to 6 GHz
  • Wide varity of connector options


  1. Available A and T Series power ratings include 0.5W through 75W; CT Series available to 25W.
  2. A, SA, T, and ST power derates to 0W at 125° C . WA and WT power derates to 50W at 125°C . CT series requires mounting to a heat sink capable of maintaining a 100° C maximum flange temperature.
  3. Dimensions and weight are for reference only, and are nominal values for units with standard connector (typically N-type). Exact form factor varies according to connector, model and power level.