Bird- Boardcas Power Monitor-Enhanced (BPM-E)

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Broadcast Power Monitor Series


  • Accurately measures power in digitally modulated multi-carrier systems, and analog modulated systems
  • VSWR, return loss and match efficiency calculations using hardware or PC based software displays
  • ±5% of reading accuracy for power; +/10% for VSWR
  • Handles peak to average ratio of greater than 10dB
  • Includes alarm function to signal transmitter or antenna problems

Bird’s Broadcast Power Monitor products comprise several true average-responding sensors that attach to a Multi-function Power Meter or directly to a personal computer (PC) via an RS-232 cable. True average responses with a minimum of 10 dB operating headroom means that power indications are stable and accurate for all digitally-modulated signals having high peak-to-average ratio, including VSB and COFDM. Unique to the BPM sensors are additional alarm functions that attach to an external alarm panel to signal an operator in the event of an antenna/feeder malfunction. The alarm operates for zero forward power, high VSWR, and high forward power.