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Fluke 62 Max, Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared thermometers offer market-leading dust, water and drop protection

Fluke 62 Max, Fluke 62 Max+
The new Fluke 62 Max and 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometers. These rugged, accurate, easy-to-use test tools are dust, water and drop resistant, making them ideal for the harsh conditions faced by technicians in electrical, service, HVAC, process, industrial and facilities maintenance applications.

Fluke 190 Series II High-performance four-channel portable oscilloscopes built for harsh industrial environments

Fluke 190 Series II The first two and four-channel scope built for CAT IV industrial environments

  • Fluke 190-204: 200 MHz: 4 channels, 2.5 GS/s
  • Fluke 190-202: 200 MHz: 2 channels, 2.5 GS/s
  • Fluke 190-104: 100 MHz: 4 channels, 1.25 GS/s
  • Fluke 190-102: 100 MHz: 2 channels, 1.25 GS/s
  • Fluke 190-062: 60 MHz: 2 channels, 625 MS/s

Fluke 1555/1550C Insulation Resistance Testers

Fluke 1555/1550C
Digital insulation testing up to 10kV

The new 1555 and redesigned Fluke 1550C insulation resistance testers, offer digital insulation testing up to 10kV, making them ideal for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators and cables.

Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter takes top honor in the Control Engineering Awards

Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards
Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter takes top honor in the Control Engineering Awards (USA) for innovation that improves workforce efficiency. Fluke Predictive Maintenance also recognized in the 2017 Engineers' Choice Awards

Fluke 1732, 1734 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Loggers

Fluke 1732, 1734 Three-Phase Electrical Energy LoggersThe Fluke 1732 and 1734 Three-Phase Electrical Energy loggers introduce a new simplicity to discovering sources of electrical energy waste. Discover when and where energy in your facility is being consumed; from the service entrance to individual circuits. Access and share data remotely with your team via the Fluke Connect®

Fluke 1736, 1738 Three Phase Power Loggers

Fluke 1736, 1738 Three Phase Power LoggersThe first Three-Phase Power Loggers with the Fluke Connect® mobile app and software, making them the ideal test tool for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. An optimized use interface, flexible current probes, and an intelligent measurement verification function

Fluke TiX580, Fluke Ti480 Premium Image Quality Infrared Cameras

Fluke TiX580, Fluke Ti480 Infrared Camera
Stunning 640 x 480 resolution, Surprising affordability

  • Experience 4-times the resolution power in an “everyday” rugged camera
  • Detect small temperature differences critical to troubleshooting leading to more accurate problem identification

Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter

Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter
Change the way you see Digital Multi­meters

  • Built-in thermal imager
  • Full-color LCD screen provides clean, crisp readings
  • Expand your measurement capabilities–get into tight, hard to reach spaces for current measurement (up to 2500 A AC)
  • Transmit results wirelessly to your smartphone with Fluke Connect

Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer
Quickly and easily measure and analyze key electrical and mechanical performance parameters such as power, harmonics, unbalance, motor speed, torque and mechanical power without the need of mechanical sensors.

Fluke 120B Series ScopeMeter® Hand-Held Industrial Oscilloscopes

Fluke 120B Series ScopeMeter®The compact rugged oscilloscope solution for industrial electrical and electro-mechanical equipment troubleshooting, also integrates with Fluke Connect® mobile app to enable further collaboration, data analysis and archiving of critical test information.